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I have really enjoyed connecting with other women who are working to make a difference. Building relationships and learning form one another is what WINN is all about!  

- Libby Wistrom  

I have built some strong friendships and know that we all have each other’s backs. I love when members search each other out to purchase from each other.

 -  Amy Huber                                                                                                                      


Love the acceptance of everyone. Though they did not understand everything that was okay.

- Charlotte Palmer  

The excitement and energy in the new Verona location and the opportunity of broader base to attract new members… gotta love it.  

- Chirs Fredrickson-Beerkircher  


I love interacting and connecting with amazing, powerful, determined business women! Becky is an amazing leader and coach!  I have grown incredibly by being surrounded by each women’s greatness! I love you guys!!

 - Rhoda Mullet  


I attended my first WHWW meeting in February 2013. To be honest, I did not have any idea what to expect. My first meeting was not only fun, but I learned something too! I decided to become a member of the West Madison chapter. I am so grateful for that decision, as the WHWW networking group has done wonders for my business. I scheduled several One on One's with other members of my chapter, and was able to share my business with them while learning more about theirs. Soon I not only had referrals, but new friends as well. WHWW is a great way to expand your contact list and network with others to make your business grow. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to grow both personally and professionally.  

- Lyn Empey

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