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Meet the Executive Team


Becky Branton-Griemann

I am a Business Strategist and the founder of Women Helping Women WINN! My goal is to help women form powerful partnerships and connections to promote their businesses and careers.  As a Business Strategist, II offer consistency & accountability and through consistency & accountability,  you see results!  I look forward to getting to know you. 

Melanie Guest

Melanie Guest
Vice President

I am a photographer who loves capturing family, senior, wedding and special event images. I am based in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. I travel between Minnesota and Madison for sessions and weddings. I am the Vice President of Women Helping Women WINN and have been involved since the beginning. I look forward to meeting you during a one-to-one, at a meeting or at a convention.    

chris wolf

Christine Wolf
Executive Director of Directors

I am the Executive Director of Directors . I joined WINN as one of the very 1st members in Green Bay Wisconsin. As a Health& Wellness Coach, I am committed to the success & well being of my clients as much as I am each WINN member and chapter location.  I would be honored to network with you! Let's set up time to chat soon!

Theresa Keichinger

Theresa Keichinger
Executive Director of Membership

I am the Executive Director of membership with WINN. I assist with everything from checking your application references, to all the behind the scene paperwork. Being a Virtual Assistant, I help businesses run smoothly, taking their painful paperwork and marketing to the next level.  I really enjoy one-on-ones because that is where we really get to know each other. I look forward to meeting you.  

Taylor Birkrem

Taylor Birkrem
Executive Director of Events

I am the Executive Director of events with WINN.  My passion for event planning shines through from the time the date is set to the event. Through teamwork and detailed coordination, we are pull off successful networking events, while raising money for our Non-Profit organization, Fresh Safe Start.  I really enjoy networking, contact me for a one -on one.

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