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Start a Chapter

Want to start a WINN chapter of your own? Before we get started, we check the location to be sure it would be a good fit. We look at many factors including population (business population and women in business population), highway accessibility and more. Once your chapter has been approved, you will be required to participate in Director Training.  


It's important to keep in mind that as a WINN Director, you will be in a leadership position that holds many responsibilities.

Become a Director

Here at WINN, we feel that helping women grow their businesses is a reward in itself. If you enjoy being in a leadership role, and would like more leadership training for yourself and your business, director training will be a great avenue for you.

Director Responsibilities

  • Commit the time Expect to spend at least 10 hours per month preparing, promoting and running your chapter.  

  • Be prepared You will need to take the time to prepare for the success of your chapter. This includes arriving to your meetings early, staying late to answer questions and preparing for the monthly educational topic which will be provided to you by WINN.   

  • Pound the pavement You will need to invite at least 5 new guests to chapter meetings each month. (Don't worry, it doesn't have to be just your chapter.) Potential guests could include brick and mortar businesses, direct sales consultants, mothers and entrepreneurs. 

  • Promptly return paperwork  You will be regularly communicating with Becky and/or Christine about your chapter's progress as well as asking any questions that may arise from either yourself or your group members. 

Director Certification

Director Certifications can be done Virtually

If you would like to start a WINN networking location near you, this certification is for you!

If you have additional questions on what it means to be a director 

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