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Virtual Agenda

We are excited to have you join in the #WINNSISTERHOOD Virtually.  

Here are 5 things you will want to do before the Logging into the zoom meeting:


  1. Be sure your screen log in name reflects your professional name.  ("iphone11" does not identify you as a registered event attendee)

  2. Have your camera on and engage in the full networking event (It's hard to build relationships through a blank screen)

  3. Have your Microphone muted, yet prepare to be called upon. (This allows for those interuptions, yet able to promote your business when it's your turn) 

  4. Be engaged. (Use your hand gestures, smiles, chat boxes, etc.  Afterall, this is networking.)

  5. Be Prepared. Have everything you will need for the next 90 minutes at your fingertips. (Water, snacks, notebook, the agenda from this page, and an item to promote for your business. Let your family/co-workers know that you are unavailable for the next 90 minutes.) 

Click below to download the agenda.

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