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Why Network?

Networking is not just about attending a meeting once a month. We highly encourage our members to meet with each other outside of the meeting, get to know each other, and the products and services each business has to offer. This way you are building a relationship with the person and not just trying to “sell” something. No one wants to be “sold to”. We all want to have that relationship with not only the person we do business with but also our business partners. By meeting outside the work environment, you create camaraderie with that business person and now when she/he hears someone in his/her circle of influence ask about kitchen appliances or a new car, she/he knows whom to refer them to. Let’s face it, women love to give opinions, and we also have that nurturing instinct. This is where we get to put both of those to use and build up someone else. In hopes that they will return the favor.  “What goes around comes around”.  

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